Friday, February 8, 2013

A Crafty Cat


By Dr. Babu Philip(

A family of fish living in a lake felt that their life was insecure. Larger fishes and reptiles were chasing them constantly. People were after them with hooks, baits and nets. Worried about their fate, they searched for a safe and secure space. Finally they sought refuge in an isolated area close to the bank, surrounded by rocks. They breathed a sigh of relief on reaching a safe spot at last. Then a large cat appeared near the bank. He saw the fishes through the clear water.

Pretending to be their saviour, the tricky cat advised them in a loud voice, "Dear friends, why don't you jump out and enjoy the freedom of the lovely and lively land. Here you will be safe from ferocious fishermen, fearsome fishes and repulsive reptiles. I can assure you full safety and security." Actually the cat was a very cunning animal and wanted to trick the fishes and eat them as soon as they reached the land. The head of the family of fish was very wise. He warned others about the crafty cat and his tricky talk.

Following his advice, the family migrated to the lowest region of their safe haven in the lake. The cat lost all hope and left the lake in shame.

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