Friday, January 18, 2013

The Poison Tongue

The Poison Tongue

By:author unknown(

I once knew an extremely courageous lady. She was courageous for several reasons. For one thing, she was waging an uphill battle against alcoholism. For another, she was doing all she could to restore her relationship with God. It's tough to start over. It's even tougher to start over when people won't let you.

She chose a small church to attend, a church where she knew many members. She thought she'd be received there. One Sunday she parked her car near the church building and got out. As she walked toward the front door, she overheard two ladies talking nearby. The stinging words were not meant for her ears, but she heard them anyway.

"How long is that alcoholic going to hang around here."

She turned and went back to the car. She never entered another church building until she died. Those ladies meant no harm, yet seemingly painless gossip did irreparable damage.

These five ideas will help us control our tongues:

1. Never say anything about someone that you wouldn't say to his face.

2. Never say anything about someone unless he/she is there to respond.

3. Refuse to listen to someone else's gossip.

4. Initiate positive statements about people whom you're discussing.

5. Remember, "The a fire" (James 3:6).

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