Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What If

What If

By: Pastor Randy(

He was alone from the beginning. His mother, a strong woman, lost her second husband because she regularly beat him up. She was divorced two times and now two months before the birth of her child her present husband dies of a heart attach. The boy was alone with no nurture or affection. She was too busy for him.

The example of the perfect American family was living at the same time. That family nurtured and loved their children. They had time for them. It was evident upon the children's faces. These were two different families moving towards one cold November day.

His childhood was spent in loneliness. He was forbidden to call his mother at work, so he lived his life in seclusion. Surrounded by people, yet disliked by all because he didn't like himself. Ridicule and shame would be his future and it would unfold.

We watched the American family with pictures of love. It was evident they enjoyed being with each other. Dad appeared to love mom. Mom loved dad. They loved their children. The little one, now two, went with his dad to work. Their future was unfolding in beauty for all to behold. It was a great time to live.

After dropping out of high school, he tried to find acceptance by joining the military. But they made fun of him and he couldn't get along with anyone. Again his dreams of being someone were destroyed by a dishonorable discharge. He was a no body, rejected by his world. He hated himself and everyone in that world. He would force his mark upon the world or he would die trying. He had to feel important.

The American family traveled high upon the seas of life with hair flying in the winds of enjoyment. The children grew in a world that loved them. Surrounded by words of praise and adoration. Sorrow was deceitfully far from them. Mom and dad would always be there, so they thought.

He traveled overseas. Maybe he could find importance. He married and brought her to America. He became a person with two children but never a daddy. His own home never gave him an example of affection. His wife, a strong woman like his mom would often put him down and demand from him the impossible. She was an illegitimate child who didn't like herself or her husband. He was someone she could use. She knew how to pull the trigger of destruction that was building in his life, as history would tell.

The American family planned a wonderful Texas day. A beautiful day surrounded by many people who loved them. The parade in their life was moving great.

Maybe a new job would satisfy his wife. It didn't. She kicked him out of his house. He felt lonely and rejected, so he returned and humbled himself before her. He begged to be forgiven as Judas did before his cruel audience. She made fun of him in his humiliated state, in front of him and his friends. She ridiculed him of his sexual inabilities.

Time was racing towards one intersection. The family that embodied everything that was right for healthy relationships would meet the one who embodied everything that was wrong for relationships.

It was November. He had nothing to be thankful for. Ridiculed for the last time. He endured a life of rejection that was coming quickly to an end. He saw only one way to end everything he hated. He failed as a student, soldier, daddy and husband. He was a failure. He was not important. He took his gun and went to his newly found job. It was a forth story warehouse. Death was the only answer he could find.

On November 23, 1963 Lee Harvey Oswald delivered a death bullet to the head of John F. Kennedy. Oswald destroyed the image of the American family and changed our lives forever.

Statistics reveal that people who grow up in homes that have no examples to follow commit most crimes. The parent was too busy. As a church and as a society we will meet these families. It will be as we reach out to them and show them the example of Jesus or they will force their failures on us. Maybe some can identify with Oswald in his rejection turning into hatred of the things he wanted so much: families, importance, love. The church can and has a responsibility to supply these qualities to a generation of children. With our eyes focused upon Jesus we can do just that.

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